Could your business benefit from self storage | Flexible extra space when you need it

Established for almost ten years now, we love the diversity of customers that come through our doors to use our flexible storage pods.

When it comes to providing storage for businesses we have a lot of experience. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a whole range of comprehensive storage solutions and services that meet the bespoke needs of each client – working with them to make their life a little bit easier.

The type of businesses that we work with has no limits – we have long term clients ranging from interior designers to exhibition companies and local start-ups to corporate HQ’s.

What’s key to our business service is flexibility, personal service and value for money.

We consider ourselves an extension of each business that uses our pods, and with that respond to your individual business cycles and needs. Maybe there are times you need more space, or less – we will change your arrangements quibble free and with no contract or cost penalties.

And if you want to know your goods can be received or dispatched safely without having to be here, leave that to our friendly team who can make all the necessary arrangements to receive or dispatch goods on your behalf and ensure your pod is safely secure at all times.

Many of our smaller business customers also love the fact that we have meeting rooms available to hire and free docking stations and WiFi on site – more than just storage we become a handy office extension too.

Whether you are looking to store inventory, large pallet storage, archiving, specialist goods – well the list is endless really – you can rely on The Storage Pod to create a solution for your needs.

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Our pods are maintained at a safe ambient temperature to protect your goods, and enjoying an enviable location on the thriving Brooklands Business Estate we are ideally located for quick access from the A3 and M25 – with a large forecourt to make parking and unloading easy, whatever size of vehicle.

Business Case Study

A great example of how we work closely to support business clients is our longstanding relationship with Printer Solutions. Specialising in supplying toner and print cartridges to corporate, education and government bodies, they came to us as a start up over eight years ago.

Wanting to avoid the high cost of securing their own warehouse space they initially took a 150sq ft Pod and as the business has flourished, this has grown to a 750sq ft Pod.

What works so well for them is that they often have seasonal peaks or bulk purchasing opportunities that present themselves, so will regularly take a bit of extra space for these periods, then hand this back when inventory levels return to normal – a luxury they wouldn’t get tied into a warehouse lease.

They are a busy team, so also really appreciate the fact that they can leave goods in or out deliveries to us to take care of, rather than having to be here. We still see them around the site though, as they make good use of our meeting rooms, often meeting suppliers and clients here.

As a business they find this arrangement offers them far greater value for money than being tied into a long term lease – they have complete flexibility in increasing or decreasing the space they need, no hidden costs, business rates or other bills – just the storage charge, plus benefit from our teams services and on-site meeting rooms.

Could we help your business?

If you have a business that could benefit from a flexible storage solution, or are looking for a more cost effective option to your current storage arrangements we’d be delighted to discuss your needs and come up with a tailor made business package that works for you. Call us on 01932 353700 or email [email protected]. Let us be part of your business success.