8 ways to prepare your home for the festive season

The lead up to Christmas can create a chaotic home. With an endless list of things to do, places to be and people to see, it can easily become a little overwhelming. And you want your home looking presentable and welcoming for your invited, and sometimes unexpected, guests at this busy time of year.

With a little bit of preparation you can get your house into order now so when Christmas fast approaches your home is ready for you to just relax and enjoy the celebrations.

Create more wardrobe space

Unless you have exotic travel plans for Christmas, your summer wardrobe is probably just taking up space in your bedroom furniture. Commit to a Sunday afternoon now to pack away your summer wardrobe and free up much needed space in your wardrobe for chunkier winter clothes. This might also give you some extra space to store occasional winter coats and boots so your hallway can be kept clear for arriving guests.

If you come across clothes you haven’t worn in ages maybe consider it’s time for the charity shop – it’s a really busy time for them.

Once you’ve got your pile of clothes and shoes you won’t be wearing for several for months, whether you use a storage bed, loft or even a small Pod at our place, you’ll be amazed at how good it is to have a more functional wardrobe or chest of drawers not overrun with clothes. You might even re-discover that perfect Christmas party out-fit you forgot you had.

Home de-clutter

Clear you head and your home before the decorations go up with a good de-clutter. It’s easy to hang onto stuff you just don’t use, or add it to the heap of things thrown into the cupboard under the stairs.

A good motto to deciding what you need to keep and what needs to go is – do you need it, do you love it, do you use it.

Be a bit ruthless – and make sure you recycle or give everything that’s going to the charity shop. You will then have fresh cupboard space and clearer surfaces ready to put up the decorations and store the Christmas games.

Clean, defrost and stock the freezer

Before you head out to start the big Christmas shop try and run your freezer goods down so you can give it a good clean, and a de-frost if necessary. Give your fridge the same treatment.

Once gleaming and clean they will seem like a much nicer place to store and organise the extra big shop for Christmas. Creating room in the freezer also means you can stock up with a few easy party supplies that can quickly be defrosted or thrown in the oven when last minute entertaining happens.

Give the garden the once over

Take advantage of a dry and warm day before December to get out and give the garden a good end of year tidy-up.

Prune back bushes, get rid of any weeds and sweep up the autumn leaves that have fallen. Make sure the grass is trim, borders neat and garden furniture is covered or stored away to protect it.

You might not be using it much over Christmas but it will be lovely to look out from your warm cosy home to a nice outdoor space – maybe treat your garden to a few Christmas lights when all your hard work is done.

Speed clean your bathroom daily ahead of guests

Christmas is one of the busiest times for people dropping in – whether it’s a planned party or unexpected knock at the door to drop off gifts. Don’t be left panicking that the downstairs loo or bathroom isn’t clean.

A great tip during a busy period like Christmas is to stay on top of these spaces each day with a quick speed clean. A nippy two-minutes each day and you’ll be ready for any guests, at any time.

Add a few Christmas candles or seasonally scented oil diffusers and your guests will be charmed by your warm greeting in the smallest room of the home.

Deep clean before the decorations go up

Once the Christmas tree and decorations are up cleaning can become a bigger chore. Take the stress-out of it by giving your home a really good clean before you put the decorations up.

Deep clean carpets or flooring, especially where the tree will be as it will be harder to get to once it’s up. Give walls and skirting a good wipe down to clear any cobwebs and dust before the decorations get in the way. Wipe over lighting pendants and give your dining chairs a good clean now to save you the job on Christmas day.

Rope in the whole family as part of the Christmas tree preparations. Their reward after is the really fun bit of putting up the tree and decorating it. And you can relax knowing your home is spick and span once it’s up.

Store your gifts and wine supplies

When it comes to Christmas shopping and food and drink offers – the promotions seem to start earlier and earlier each year. And with sales like Black Friday in November, and early supermarket wine offers – you can make some great savings by starting your Christmas shop early.

It might seem a great idea – but you might be worried about where to store everything before the big day. We have a range of small self storage Pod sizes starting from as little as £0.75p per day at The Storage Pod that could be your saviour.

It means you’ll not only free up space in your home in the lead up to Christmas – but gifts are out of the way of prying eyes and there’ll be no temptation to crack open those special bottles of wine you bought for Christmas day.

Turn on some festive tunes and relax

Most important of all. Christmas is a time to relax, enjoy quality time with friends and family and make memories. So when you’ve done all your preparations and your home is clean, tidy and ready to entertain, turn on your favourite Christmas song, put your feet up in your favourite chair and admire your organised home and beautiful Christmas tree.

If you think you could benefit for some extra space to get organised for Christmas, get in touch for a free quote.