Create more space | Five fantastic ways to use your garage

With space at a premium in today’s modern housing market, are you making the most of what you’ve got?

If your home has a garage we are sure it has highly likely become a storage (dumping ground) space for things you might, or might not want to use again in the future.

The prospect of clearing it out may seem daunting, but the opportunities for how you might use that extra space are endless.

So start the clear out, hire some storage space from us for things you decide you want to keep and have easy access to in the future, and with just a little bit of effort and investment turn those four walls into a much more practical and fun space that becomes a valuable extension to your home.

An all weather play area

A few simple alterations could turn that space into a handy play area for the kids, suitable for all weather. This has the added benefit of keeping your living space free from bulky toys or having to worry about your sofas getting damaged during playtime.

Cover the floor with artificial grass, add a lick of paint and send the kids off for playtime heaven. You could even hang swings from the ceiling or add in a climbing wall.

A motivating home office

Whether you run your own business from home or regularly work from home, it can sometimes be hard to be productive if you have to work from a laptop at the kitchen breakfast bar or at a small computer desk in the corner of a spare bedroom.

If you can run some power into the garage for heat and electricity you are half way there to creating a smart home office where you can become super productive. Go a step further and convert your garage door to let in natural light and the resulting peace, productivity and comfort will make home working a pleasure.

A get fit quick home gym

We all know the positive benefits of health and fitness – but sometime finding the time or money can get in the way. On a cold rainy day it’s easy to put off that drive to the gym, or a busy schedule means you miss the start of your body bump class.

A simple no-excuse solution exists if you convert your garage into a home gym. Fit in exercise when it suits you – a quick run on the treadmill before your morning shower, or a weights session while you wait for your ‘healthy’ home made pie to bake in the oven. There will be a bit of upfront investment to start with but budget this against what it will save you compared to years of gym membership fees.

An entertainment zone

One of our favourite suggestions – your house will become the place everyone wants to hang out if you turn that underused garage into a home bar and entertainment space. Some of the coolest bars in London are popping up in disused warehouses and railway arches – so embrace the raw elements of the decor, add in the essentials, and suddenly you have a whole new social space added to your home.

A snug cinema room

Whether you want somewhere to watch your favourite films in peace, or you are suddenly finding your living room being taken over by your teenage kids and their friends, with a bit of savy DIY you can turn your garage into a snug cinema or gaming room.

If your garage is attached to your house with a bit of building work it can be converted in a brand new room which will add heaps of value to your property.

So, has this got you thinking it might be time to clear out the garage, hire a little storage and make use of that underused space that is crying out to be used more practically?