Wondering what size of Pod you need? Here’s a handy guide to help you.

Customers use our self Storage Pods for an extensive variety of storage needs, big and small.

From a few boxes you want cleared from your spare bedroom to make way for guests or packing up a whole house, to storing business inventory or bulky warehouse items – whatever your reason for needing some extra space – it’s quick and easy to arrange at The Storage Pod, with friendly service and great prices thrown in too.

It’s really easy to move up and down Pod sizes as your needs change too, but to help you get an idea of the size of Pod you might need to start with, here’s a little look at what you can typically store in some of our standard Pod sizes.

Smaller Pods

Our smallest Pods start at 12 sq ft and are 4ft high locker style units.

For personal use they are perfect for storing the winter wardrobe when summer arrives, or to store sports equipment like golf clubs and kit. You’d fit around the equivalent of 20 medium size packing boxes in here.

For business use they are great for computer equipment, filing cabinets or up to 20 archive boxes.

We also have 16 sq ft Pods – similar to the above, just with a little more space so you can fit a few extra storage boxes in.

Next up our 25 to 35 sq ft Pods are great for giving you a little bit more room to store boxes and suitcases of things you don’t need very often to give you more room at home. Or maybe you are starting packing up for a move early. These are great to move your packed things into before moving day – fitting around 45 medium sized packing boxes – they are also a good size and shape for white goods.

For business use, they’ll typically fit the contents of a two person office and around 30 archive boxes.

Medium Pods

unloading at the storage podChoosing between 40 to 50 sq ft offers you a good mid-sized Pod, similar to a small garage or garden shed, which could fit in your sofa, dining table and chairs, even beds and mattresses. This is also a popular size for small business stock.

Move up to our 70 or 75 sq ft units and you are starting to consider space that will hold the contents of a one or two bedroom apartment – or up to 120 medium size packing boxes. For business use these sizes offer plenty of space for stock and room to manage it – or they could hold up to 110 archive boxes.

Larger Pods

large storage unitChoose anything between 100 and 200 sq ft and you have space similar to a large double garage which will give you enough room to store the contents of a two or three bedroom home – with room for the garden furniture too. Businesses with larger bulky goods or lots of stock will find these Pods extremely versatile, and they’d also store the contents of a medium sized office space.

250 sq ft and 275 sq ft will comfortably give you space for the contents of a three or four bedroom home – or equivalent of 300 medium sized packing boxes. They hold the same contents as a 40 foot removal van so if it fits in the van, it’ll fit in these Pods. Equate that into business space and you are looking at the contents of around five offices – and a generous 400 archive boxes. Or plenty of inventory if you want to store all of your business stock with us.

Our largest standard Pod sizes range between 300 to 500 sq ft. They are ideal for storing the contents of a larger five to six bedroom house, extra large items or bulky warehouse stock.

Extra-large Storage Area

large storage spaceThink you need more space than that? Don’t worry – we also have our flexible extra-large bulk storage area. All sorts get stored here from exhibition stands to market stalls and television production sets to fun fairs. We can find a home for your unusual items at The Storage Pod.

So hopefully you can see, whether you just want somewhere to store your golf clubs or wine collection, or need space for the whole contents of a five bedroom house – you’ll find a Pod that suits your needs at our place.

You are always more than welcome to pop in to our reception and we can show you around our available Pods and you can see the sizes first-hand to make sure you get right size for your needs. We can give you plenty of space and storage advice too.

Get in touch for a free quote and discover friendly, flexible self storage from your local independent storage company, ideally located at the heart of Brooklands, Weybridge.

Please be aware Pod sizes quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking.