Top tips. How to use less plastic at home

Publicity is finally hitting home to everyone about the issues of excessive plastic waste and the impact it is having on our environment. There are some really easy things you can do at home to play your role in reducing this impact. These are simple changes that will actually also save you both time and money! Now that has to be a win win.

Reduce your use of cling film. Invest in some Tupperware (or similar) and you have a constant source of secure, air tight storage to keep food goods for longer. When you’re done they can just be popped in the dishwasher and re-used for years to come. It saves you having to fight with the cling film roll too. There are also stainless steel, glass and other longer term storage options available to help you ditch the clingfilm – and plastic.

Introduce oil diffusers. Air freshener sprays are handy but the containers and aerosols used for many of those available to buy have lots of negative impacts on the environment. Oil diffusers remove this with recyclable glass and wood, and they also add a nice design touch to your home – as well as the gorgeous range of flagrancies they come in. Invest in an eye catching base and you simply need to keep it topped up with the oils of your choice.

Out with plastic straws. Keen to throw out the plastic straws but not sure paper ones quite cut it. Replace with re-useable metal ones. They are a one off investment which will wash out fine for use time and time again. Pasta straws are also on the rise – once you’re done they will happily biodegrade and add goodness to any compost heap.

metal straws in place of plastic

Bring back the milkman. What’s more convenient then having fresh milk delivered to your front door every morning. No more putting the kettle on for that all important cup of coffee and realising you’ve run out of milk. The big bonus here – the milk arrives in glass bottles which are collected the next day and re-used or recycled.

Make a pledge to buy refills and use existing containers and jars to store them. From coffee granules to herbs to spices – many more of your every day essentials are now available in refill form – reducing unnecessary plastic packaging.

Any why not ditch the shower gel – and the bottles they come in – and go back to using good old soap.

Re-use your plastic. If you’re only option for some goods though is plastic packaging then think before you bin it. An old ice cream tub could be put to perfect use growing seeds in the garden.

Choose cotton totes over 5p plastic bags. It saves you money and helps protect the environment. Always keep it handy in your handbag as they fold up nice and small, and offer a more robust way to carry heavy shopping loads. Go one better and pick up one of our free cotton tote shoppers next time you are at Pod HQ.

Pack it up with less plastic. There are other choices to traditional bubble wrap when packing up and protecting your goods when you move or put things into storage. Carefully wrapping items in sheets of paper can provide just as much protection if they are then carefully boxed. And we also now offer fully recyclable bubble wrap if you want a bit more extra protection but without the impact on our environment.

non plastic packaging

We hope you agree these are pretty simple steps to help play your role in reducing plastic waste at home. Even if you act on just a few it’s a step further in helping our planet.