Why The Onset Of Winter Is A Perfect Time To Declutter Your Home, Garden Or Garage

Forget spring cleaning, the onset of winter is also a key time to think about clearing up your home and making sure you have the space you need. It is, after all, when you are likely to spend the most time at home, curled up keeping warm and cosy. And you need a clear and clean home to really relax and enjoy that extra time at home.

Creating extra space and order now also means you can be well prepared for the onset of Christmas guests, decorations and family time.

Here are just a few reasons why decluttering now is a great idea.

Make the garden low maintenance over winter

Let’s face it, the Great British winter weather can sometimes make us forget we’ve even got outside space. Wet, cold and often frosty, outside furniture is not going to get much use. Make life easy and store it away.

This will avoid any winter damage or stubborn moss. And also means when spring arrives, you are ready to reinstate clean outdoor furniture that hasn’t suffered over the winter months. This avoids heavy cleaning or time consuming wood restoration. And your items will last a lot longer for it, saving you money in the long run.

Avoid winter blues

Without the natural happy vibes that sunshine can bring, drenching us in much needed vitamin D, the colder, shorter days of winter can sometimes have an effect on our well-being. A tidy, welcoming home is more likely to cheer you up then coming home to a mess, and is another step to banish winter blues.

Consider storing summer clothes so you have space to hang your more space consuming winter wardrobe, boots and coats. Summer bedding and duvets are another good item to store away as these can take up a lot of valuable space.

With the short days and colder temperatures, it’s easy to feel the wintertime blues, but having a tidy home can actually cheer you up and make you feel happier and more comfortable.

Decluttering will clear your living and sleeping space, which can help clear your mind, make you sleep better and generally fight winter fatigue.

Make the garage a space for your car

winter declutter

There is nothing worse than starting the day having to scrape ice of your car on a cold dark morning. If you have a garage, now is the time to consider using it for what it was intended for.

The garage can become a dumping ground for things you don’t need any more, so take some time out to finally throw away the things you no longer need and take them to you local refuse and recycling centre. Then consider storing what is left – and you’ve made room not only for your car, but an extra ten minutes in bed, or a relaxed cup of coffee each morning, not having to worry about de-icing the car before you get on the road.

Summer sports

Are you a summer sports fanatic or fair-weather golfer, with all the equipment to boot. This can take up a lot of space which is wasted while it sits around the house during the winter months. A small storage pod could be the answer, and if the winter sun should shine it’s easy to access the pod at anytime to retrieve those golf clubs for the day.

New Year renovations

The infamous start of a New Year, and all the plans you make. If renovating your home is one of them take some steps now to start preparing. You’ll have cleared the house to make extra space over Christmas, and have less of a daunting task ahead of you if home improvements are planned for the New Year.

Having work done in your home, whether you are doing it yourself or you plan on bringing in the builders is stressful enough. Don’t make it even harder by trying to work around furniture that you don’t want to get dusty or damaged.

You’ll be amazed how by moving non-essentials into storage will make the work easier, quicker and less stressful. You may even save money in the process as time won’t be spent constantly moving and protecting your belongings, or run the risk of damaging them.

If this has got you thinking now might be a good time for some extra storage space, our Christmas storage offer is something else that will banish any winter blues. For new mov-in’s and reservations made by 31st December 2017 you will receive your first three months with us for half price. Find out more here.

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